This Bucks County Resident is in Search of a New Kidney. Read to Learn How You Can Help

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The local entrepreneur is currently looking for an eligible donor for a live-saving procedure.

A Bucks County resident is currently in search of a new kidney, and he is looking to his community to help him find an eligible donor.

Don Brown, a resident of Bucks County for more than 21 years, suffers from stage 5 kidney disease and is in search of a living kidney donor.  In January of 2023, he will undergo surgery to remove one of his kidneys, leaving him with less than 8% kidney function and likely having to start dialysis.

A retired engineer and entrepreneur, who now spends most of his time helping others, has launched an extensive campaign to find a living kidney donor.

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The founder of the Widows/Widowers Support Group of Bucks County Widows, with nearly 400 members, Advisor to the Rest Connection, a Women’s Support Group, and active in mentoring young entrepreneurs, the search for a living kidney donor has included billboard advertising, radio spots and social media. 

A living kidney donor will allow Don to live another 20 years. He will use this precious time to build a new life with his partner and give back to the community as he has done for the last many years.

Here are some interesting facts about kidney donation in the US:

  • In 2021, 6,542 living donors in North America have donated their kidneys and have reported a profound sense of gratitude and fulfillment.
  • At any given time, nearly 100,000 people in the US are on the waiting list for kidney transplants.

Some common concerns that potential donors have related to the impact donating will have on their own health and livelihood are:

  • You do NOT have to be a match to donate a kidney.
  • It is well documented that we can all live a normal life with only 1 kidney. 
  • Voucher programs guarantee that the donor or a member of their family would be first in line for a kidney if ever needed. 
  • All costs to the donor are covered.

Learn more about Brown’s search for a donor at Kidney2Don.

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