Around 16 Percent of Bridges in Chester County Are in ‘Poor Condition.’ See Their Locations.

chester county bridge
Image via Google Street View.
This bridge at North Reeds Rd. in East Brandywine Township is one of many in poor condition.

Many bridges in Chester County have deteriorated so badly that they are marked as being in poor condition and are in dire need of repairs, writes Joe Brandt for CBS Philadelphia

According to data from the Federal Highway Administration and PennDOT, there are 23,202 bridges in Pennsylvania, 3,112 of which are in poor condition. This puts the Keystone State in second place, only behind Iowa, in the number of bridges in poor condition. 

Meanwhile, Chester County has 140 out of 892 state- and locally-owned bridges that are marked as being in poor condition. This is the highest number in the region, although Montgomery County and Bucks County are close behind with 139 and 138, respectively. 

The oldest bridge on the poor condition list is Old Schuylkill Road over Pigeon Creek. The bridge was built in 1804. The most recently built bridge on the list is the Valley Run bridge in Caln Township which was constructed in 2001. See other locations at PennDOT

Some of the Chester County bridges will benefit from the $1.65 billion Pennsylvania received from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act earlier this year to help repair roads, bridges, and mass transit in the state. 

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