How to Recognize a Toxic Workplace and What You Can Do About It  

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Are you struggling with a toxic workplace? You’re not alone. Abusive workplace culture is becoming a national crisis, and it not only affects employees’ mental health, but also physical well-being.

Psychologist Amy Sullivan tells The Washington Post how employees can identify a toxic workplace and what to do about it.  

How to Spot a Toxic Workplace  

Sullivan said that following “your gut-feeling” is essential to identifying a toxic workplace. If you or your co-workers don’t feel safe or happy, you’re probably not in a healthy environment. Paying attention to your body is also crucial for gauging workplace toxicity. If you’re experiencing anxiety, sleeplessness or fatigue, or just having trouble getting work off your mind when you clocked out, it’s likely that the office is the source of your stress.  

Luckily there’s some ways that employees can cope….and even solve the problem.  

Care for Yourself 

Taking small breaks at work to grab a cup of coffee, going on a walk or breathing exercises can help bring you back down to earth when emotions get overwhelming.  

Self-care and health habits are short-term solutions to the predicament of a toxic workplace environment. Diets and exercise help relieve stress in the short-term.  

Care for Your Coworkers 

Building connections with your coworkers reminds you that you are not alone and can all work together to make your work a better place. Asking your colleagues how they’re doing cultivates a sense of solidarity and trust amongst each other.  

Communicate with Bosses 

If there’s an unhealthy work environment, employers need to know about it. At the end of the day, it falls on the employer to change the workplace and employees starting the dialogue can help their managers recognize that there’s a problem.  

Read more about what you can do in a toxic work environment in The Washington Post.  

Youtuber & career strategist Jennifer Brick gives us more tips on how to survive a toxic workplace.

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