12 Highest Paying Business Degrees in 2022 

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Launching a business career is not an easy endeavor. Degrees are expensive and managing a business can be pricey. But when pursuing business education, making the right choice can pay off.

Here’s a list of the highest paying business degrees this year, according Own Your Own Future:  

1. International Business-M.S. or MBA 

Average salary: Over $60,800 annually

Experienced salary: Over $103k annually  

Positions: Marketing director, CEO, project manager, management analyst  

2. Human Resource Management-B.S., M.S. or MBA  

Average salary: Over $75,000 a year 

Experienced salary: Over $120k annually 

Positions: Human resource specialists, managers, recruiters 

3. Entrepreneurship-B.S., M.S. or MBA

Experienced salary: Over $150k annually  

Positions: CEOs, management positions  

4. E-Commerce Management-B.S., M.S. or B.A. 

Average salary: Over $111,000k annually

Experienced Salary: Over $130K annually  

Positions: Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, E-Commerce specialists, application designers

5. Business Marketing-B.S., M.S. or MBA 

Experienced salary: Over $110k annually 

Potential fields: Company analysis, advertising, digital marketing

6. Finance Management-B.S., M.S. or MBA 

Experienced salary: $150k annually  

Positions: Financial advisors, analysts, budget analysts and managers 

7. Healthcare Management-M.S. in Healthcare Administration and Management or MBA in Healthcare Administration 

Experienced salary: Over $80K annually 

Positions: Hospital administrators, healthcare consultants, healthcare managers

8. Business Economics-B.S., M.S. or MBA in Economics 

Average salary: Over $100K annually  

Positions: Market analysts, credit analysts, investment bankers  

9. Accounting-B.S., M.S. or MBA 

Average salary: Up to $80K annually 

Positions: Loan office administration, accountants, auditors, financial representatives  

10. Information System Management-B.S.  

Average salary: Up to $85K annually 

Manager salary: Up to $150k annually

11. Business Administration-MBA 

Salary range: $60K to over $130K annually

12. Actuarial Science-B.S. or M.S. in Actuarial Science 

Average salary: Up to $100K annually 

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