How Working from Home Has Changed Our Music Habits in 2022

Man Listening to music while working at home
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Even if you use earphones, any playlist you cultivate for listening to at the office can’t get too wild in case a coworker overhears. That likely means if you’re a fan of heavy metal or music with strong lyrics, you’ve hidden your tastes.

And if the office itself has music on the speakers, you may have grown to hate the company’s taste in music.

But working from home, you can let your true music tastes come out.

The site Ziply Fiber analyzed data from Spotify playlists to see what remote workers have been enjoying in 2022 when they can play whatever they want.

Analyzing 43 different work from home playlists on Spotify, it was found that “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals was 2022’s big song for remote workers, appearing on 13 of those playlists.

Taking second place was “Cold Heart – PNAU Remix” by Elton John and Dua Lipa. And then Harry Styles tied with himself for third place, getting “As it Was” and “Watermelon Sugar” on 10 playlists each.

Explicit Lyrics

It seems like remote workers definitely don’t mind some strong language, as 20% of the top songs featured explicit words that you definitely wouldn’t play in the office.

One interesting detail mentioned is some studies have suggested that people who listen to lyrics with strong language also supposedly engage in riskier behavior while doing so.

Most Featured Musicians

As you can imagine, it is primarily young pop stars who get the most listens on Spotify. In the work from home playlists, this placed Harry Styles as the most featured musician, followed by Ed Sheeran, then Maroon 5 coming in at third.

Other big names that placed high include Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry.

One final interesting tidbit is that research also suggested that listening to your favorite songs makes you a bit more willing to take a gamble.

However, that attitude seemed to be more suppressed if music you dislike is playing. So if you have been feeling more ambitious lately, you could have your work from home playlist to thank.

Want to see more about how well your music taste matches other remote workers? Check out more of the findings on Ziply Fiber homepage!


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