Original Announcer for West Chester’s QVC Brings New Approach to Storytelling

R.T. Bowersox
Image via Justin Udo, KYW Newsradio.
R.T. Bowersox.

R.T. Bowersox, one of the original on-air personalities for West Chester-based QVC, is bringing a new approach to storytelling to Philadelphia, writes Justin Udo for KYW Newsradio

Once he retired from QVC, Bowersox moved to Florida and began writing plays. 

“My dad was on Broadway, so I have that in the blood, and I’m a playwright and screenwriter by training from UCLA,” he said. 

He founded TheatreXP in Key West, but after a decade, he wanted to return home. So, he moved back to Philadelphia with TheatreXP. 

He is currently producing Crossing the Veil, a feature with a unique writing style that simultaneously uses monologues and dialogues. 

“This will be the first feature full-fledged play that we’re going to produce here,” he said. 

The play is scheduled to run from Nov. 4 through Nov. 26. 

Read more about R.T. Bowersox at KYW Newsradio

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