7 Hacks to Be More Productive While Working from Home

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There are plenty of advantages to working from home, but one drawback can be the lack of structure. Some people are not skilled at self-regulating.

Though research shows that remote work largely does not lead to a loss of productivity, maybe you are one of the outliers.

But you are not a lost cause! Writer Paul Knulst shared some of his personal tricks that help keep himself motivated while working remotely.

Keep Things Neat

Keeping everything physically in order makes it easier to keep everything in order mentally. Tidy up your workspace so it’s easier to find what you need.

Add a Personal Touch

One of the advantages of remote work is customizing your work area. Add some photos or decorations that make you happy.

Changes Things Up

Maybe a change of scenery is what you need to inspire you. Take your laptop and do a day from the park or coffee shop.


Schedule in times for breaks! Trying to push yourself nonstop will make you hit a wall eventually.


Maybe even on a break your mind is still moving at hyper speed. Force yourself to just sit and clear your thoughts.

Family Time

At work you wouldn’t be alone the whole day, so why do it at home? Have lunch with your family or a friend to just chat and unwind while you eat.

Keep Moving

Nobody says you have to be glued to your desk. Get some exercise, take that business call on the go while you take a walk.

All these tips have the same underlying goal: keep yourself mentally and physically refreshed so you are healthy enough to stay productive.

Get elaboration on how to get into these habits by checking out the original post from //pauls dev blog.


Staying focused and productive while working from home can be difficult. With 12 years experience working remotely, Pat Flynn offer 10 tips to ensure a day in your home office is as productive as a day in the office.


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