They Met at Philadelphia Airport. Now, He’s Running for President of Kenya

George Wajackoyah
Image via YouTube.
George Wajackoyah.

She was a flight attendant when she met her future husband, George Wajackoyah, in 2010 at a departure gate at Philadelphia International Airport.

Meller Cheatham, an American, thought Wajackoyah was full of himself, but was intrigued that he wanted to be president of Kenya to help the lives of ordinary Kenyans, writes Michael M. Phillips for The Wall Street Journal.

“They’ll love you just like everbody does,” Ms. Cheatham assured him.

Wajackoyah, 62, thinks Kenya’s prosperity lies in making marijuana legal.

If industrial hemp and medicinal marijuana (Bhang) are grown in just one county, it would produce enough revenue that “Kenya could buy Bill Gates and Microsoft in just two years,” he said.

Wajackoya’s has a mixed and exotic candidate platform, from a four-day work week and replacing Chinese infrastructure with Kenyan, to exporting dog meat, snake venom and hyena testicles.

But it’s his ideas on legalizing marijuana that have gotten the most traction with Kenya’s unemployed, discontented youth.

He polls low but if the favorites don’t get a majority, a run-off election could give him a victory.

“A lot of people think I’m crazy,” he said. “But the Lord God made me this way.”

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Hear George Wajackoyah talk about his candidate platform.

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