‘Art is Immune to Inflation’: West Chester Artist Works to Offset Pinch From Rising Prices

Dane Tilghman
Image via WNEP.
Dane Tilghman.

Dane Tilghman, a West Chester artist, has been feeling the pinch of rising prices while traveling to festivals, but thanks to the popularity of his works, he has been able to offset some of the additional costs by raising the prices on his paintings, writes Marshall Keely for WNEP

Tilghman’s art offers his take on classic photographs of famous musicians. Most recently, he showcased his work at Briggs Farm Blues Festival in Luzerne County. 

“All the originals are done in acrylic paint,” he said. “I’ve been doing this festival for about 20 years.” 

The artist explained that art is usually considered immune from inflation. In fact, he was even able to raise his prices and see his sales go up. 

However, the costs that he accumulates traveling across the country for festivals are having an effect on his bottom line. 

“The gas prices have definitely hampered my movements,” he said. “It definitely cuts into the bottom line, but I pass it on to my friendly customer.” 

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