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Business owners considering their inevitable transition plans often think of common methods, such as passing ownership down to family members, transferring to key employees or selling to an employee stock ownership plan. Yet there is another, frequently overlooked option – private equity.

To give business owners a better sense of the sale options afforded by private equity, the transaction advisors at professional services firm RKL LLP published a new e-book, Seller’s Vantage: Understanding Private Equity in the Lower Middle Market.

Download your copy today.

In this e-book, RKL explains what private equity is (and isn’t), clarifies private equity versus venture capital and puts private equity activity in the lower middle market into context. Readers will gain a better understanding of the motivation behind private equity investments as well as how private equity invests and gets involved in company operations.

To help owners find the right fit and prepare their companies for sale, the e-book highlights areas would-be sellers should investigate about private equity suitors and offers tips to prepare for private equity assessment of their own operations. Ultimately, any sale option must be considered against a business’s unique circumstances, needs and goals, so RKL looks at the pros and cons of private equity investment to support owners through this consideration.

Ready to learn more about private equity in the lower middle market? Download the e-book today. And if you’re thinking of transferring business ownership or selling your company, learn more about RKL’s succession planning and transaction advisory support services.

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