A Half-Century After Former Lyndell Resident Jim Croce’s Hit Album, His Chesco-Born Son Keeps Legacy Alive

A.J. Croce and Jim Croce
Image via A.J. Croce.
A.J. Croce. left, and Jim Croce.

Marking the 50th anniversary of singer/songwriter Jim Croce’s 1972 album You Don’t Mess Around with Jim, his son A.J. Croce, who left Chester County as a toddler, has kept his father’s memory alive with his “Croce Plays Croce” tour, writes Hobart Rowland for Main Line Today. 

Jim Croce’s breakthrough album was recorded at a farmhouse in Lyndell, cost $18,000 to make, and spent 93 weeks on the charts. Hit songs include “Time in a Bottle” and “Operator.” 

After his father died in a plane crash right before his second birthday, Croce moved away from his hometown. However, one thing he remembers is the ducks and how he was once bitten by one. 

While he did not get to spend much time with his father, Croce began listening to his records at the age of 12 and was able to connect with him through the music. Since then, Croce has carved out his own singing career that has spanned 30 years. 

“That was the impetus for “Croce Plays Croce” — the connection between my father and me, the connection between all of us and our children, our parents, and our friends,” said Croce. “There are all these very real and sweet connections I like to share as part of the show.” 

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