The Qualities You Really Need To Get Promoted

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If you are just sitting around waiting for your boss to promote you, you might be waiting quite a while.

Promotions do not come from seniority alone. You need to demonstrate you have the qualities that your boss is looking for to excel in this new role.

Forbes gave a detailed run down of what workers should be doing in order to be promoted and how you can start doing them.

Develop New Skills

If your skills have plateaued then how can you ever be fit to take on a new challenge? Take the initiative to build up new skills rather than coasting on what got you here.

Be an Asset During Meetings

Team meetings are often where you see who the key players in the company are. If you are sitting quiet while everyone else does the talking, how are you standing out?

Synergize with Your Boss

If you want your boss to notice you, you need a good understanding of what your boss values. Ascertain what they are most focused on and how you can help with that.

Be a Team Leader

Many employees think about their job strictly in terms of what makes things easier for themselves. The leader shares knowledge with everyone.

Be Reliably Proficient

You can’t hang your hat on your big accomplishments from the past forever. You need to consistently step up and produce results to show you are not a one-hit wonder.

Showing why you deserve a promotion is not a quick process. It will likely take months to fully display all these qualities at your best, but that is what it takes to rise to the next level.

For a more thorough explanation of how to improve on these qualities, read the article from Forbes here.


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