Local Moms Formulate a Plan for Formula


Moms in the region are suffering through a shortage of baby formula and have created a plan to help those most affected, reports Katie Katro for 6ABC.

Drugstores and grocery stores are currently experiencing a shortage of baby formula, and many moms are seeking other alternatives, like other moms’ breastmilk.

Glenside resident Kelly Dittman is mom to 13-month-old Fiona, and has decided that while she is breastfeeding her daughter, she will also be pumping extra breastmilk for mothers in need. She has helped other moms through a Facebook group to create a dialogue on who needs donor breastmilk.

Not all moms can breastfeed or have time to pump, so this is a way that other mothers can get help from local moms.

Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milkbank is another place where local moms can seek donor milk to feed their children.

If you are experiencing a baby formula shortage, the USDA says to not:

  • feed cow’s milk to babies under age 1
  • water down baby formula
  • try to make your own formula

If you have questions about your baby’s formula or what to feed your baby, please seek a medical professional or your baby’s pediatrician.

Read more about the baby formula shortage and how Montco moms are helping each other at 6ABC.

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