Career Corner: By 2029, Millions of New Jobs Will Emerge in Health Care and Tech as Society Ages


The Great Resignation has led to many workers not only seeking out better working conditions but also careers with job security. The pandemic threw into stark contrast which jobs lack strong futures.

But many are still uncertain which careers do look promising in terms of longevity. The Wall Street Journal researched the matter and came up with some informed predictions for what roles will be the most in-demand by 2029.

As has been evidenced throughout the pandemic, healthcare workers remain as valuable as ever. And the demand for them is only expected to continue rising, with predictions being around a 15% increase by the end of the decade.

For an example of the types of salaries in the field, 2019 data revealed that a physician-assistant can expect to make around $112,000.

Another major sector that the pandemic revealed is the role that technology will play in our future. As such, jobs focused on furthering technology will see a big boom in the coming years. For workers focused on computers or mathematics, the percentage will be around 12.1% growth.

And current salary prospects bode well for those in the field, with a job like software engineering garnering $107,500 as of 2019.

If you are also looking at what jobs will not be as promising to stay in, projections indicate that production jobs will be heavily replaced by technological advances. This is expected to lead to a loss of 420,000 production jobs over the next decade.

Likewise, sales jobs are going to see significant losses as online shopping continues to grow in popularity. Predictions estimate there will be a loss of 270,000 cashiers.

Also of note is that a master’s degree is expected to become more common for many of the jobs that will be created. It is anticipated that there will be a 15% rise in careers necessitating an advanced education.

Indications of many of these job changes are already evident now, but this data makes it clear that these trends are expected to stick around. For those looking for their next career move, it paints a clear picture of where the most promising futures are.

For more information on what jobs will endure the coming years, read the Wall Street Journal article here.


A lot of jobs are getting automated, this video talks about what would be in high demand in the next 5-10 years.


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