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Students studying at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology which just added to its trustee board.
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In recognition of February as Financial Aid Awareness Month, the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is highlighting the scholarships it has available for its students.

The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is a private non-profit college offering education for career development and advancement, college transfer opportunities, and personal growth.

Students enrolled at P.I.T. have access to two-year associate degrees, two one-year career certificate courses and two Bachelor’s degree programs.

A scholarship is a type of financial aid that does not have to be repaid but is usually only given to students who demonstrate a financial need, academic achievement, participate in a program of study, or demonstrate a special skill.

 Recipients are chosen through an application process based on the criteria.

P.I.T. has a range of scholarships, grants and loans for those in need of funding so students can achieve their goals.

The following scholarships are available at P.I.T.  

Certificate Scholarship

  • Provides a scholarship of $250 for a student who demonstrates a serious commitment to academic success in a certificate program.

Committed Learner Scholarship

  • Provides $250 for a student who demonstrates a serious commitment to academic success based on a recommendation by an instructor or program manager as well as other listed requirements.
  • Eligibility: Applicants who are enrolled in an associate degree program.

Madonna Family Scholarship

  • This Scholarship, provided by the Madonna Family, provides up to $1,000 in scholarship funds to a student in need.
  • Students must have completed a minimum of 30 credits in one of the College’s Health Care Programs: Allied Health—Clinical Medical Assistant, Practical Nursing, Pre-Nursing, Behavioral Health, Cannabis Health Therapy, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Health Care Management with Coding Academy, Health Science, Physical Therapist Assistant, Psychology and Human Services, Clinical Medical Assistant, Practical Nursing.

Mascot Scholarship

  • This unique scholarship goes to the student chosen to perform inside the school mascot, Manny the Monster, costume.
  • Manny the Monster was designed to capture the fun, welcoming, open feel of the P.I.T. community- and the new mascot performer is expected to share those same traits!
  • The successful candidate will be awarded $250 per term for term they serve as the Mascot.

New Student Scholarship

  • Provides up to $500 for students entering their first term with nine credits or more in any program at P.I.T.

Next Step Scholarship

  • This scholarship provides up to $500 to a recent P.I.T. graduate towards their transfer to a four-year college or university.

Out-of-State Scholarships

  • Provides scholarships for students enrolled and registered in the following Associate’s Degrees: Cannabis Business, Cannabis Health Therapy, Cannabis Horticulture, or Health Care Management with Coding Academy.
  • Applicants must reside out of state and be enrolled for nine credits or more, and registered in one of the above-listed Associate Degree programs at P.I.T.

Presidential Scholarship Program

  • Provides $1,000 toward an Associate Degree to all full-time students enrolled in Associate Degree programs who complete at least nine credits per term or semester.

Practical Nursing Academic Excellence Scholarships

  • Provides up to, but not to exceed, $450 for the clinical portion of the Practical Nursing program.
  • The scholarship is open to all full-time students accepted into the Practical Nursing Program who have demonstrated academic excellence but have a short-term financial hardship that will force them to withdraw from the program.

Return to Learn Scholarships

  • Provides $250 for students enrolled and registered in an associate degree at P.I.T.
  • New applicants enrolled and registered in their first term in an associate degree at P.I.T. are eligible who have graduated from high school or obtained their G.E.D. more than one year before enrollment.

Find out the full list of scholarship eligibility requirements and other information.

Find out more about the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology.

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