You’ll Find Him in the Ozarks, but Bruce Davison’s Roots Are in Delco

Bruce Davison at the Golden Globe Awards.
Image via YouTube.

Veteran character actor Bruce Davison is in the new hit Netflix series Ozark, but he was once a familiar face here in Delaware County, writes Victor Fiorillo for Philadelphia magazine.

Davison’s the guy you’ve seen in hundreds of TV shows, from Star Trek: Enterprise to Law & Order. He’s been in X-Men and had the starring role in 1971’s rat classic, Willard.

But he’s also the guy who was arrested for scuba diving in the Springton Reservoir and who had a run-in with John du Pont.

Davison grew up in Drexel Hill until he was 12, then moved to Broomall.

“My worst subject at Marple Newtown High was … PSSC Physics, some new bullshit experimental program they came out within the ’50s,” he said. “I tried to get out of it into chemistry class because I had a crush on the chemistry teacher, who reminded me of Sophia Loren.”

Then there was that time he got chased with a shotgun by John du Pont after he snuck onto his property to see his horses.

These days, Davison describes his life as “content.”

“I wouldn’t mind being 30 again, but certainly not as stupid as I was.”

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