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If you were hosting an in-person conference, one of your first priorities would be finding a venue that could accommodate the type of event you wanted to host. Not every location will have what you need. And the same is true if you are deliberating over what platform to use to hold a virtual event.

The site Built In ran a post looking at some of the most popular event hosting platforms today. Here is a breakdown of what they found the advantages of each to be.


One of the strongest factors in favor of Zoom is that you likely are already very familiar with it, so it should be an easy learning curve. However, Built In also noted how Zoom does not have as robust a toolset for allowing audience engagement with the host. So it is great for lectures and other such services, but perhaps not so much for allowing viewers to participate.


Hopin is helpful for larger conferences due to its ability to divide sponsors up into virtual “booths” which are private rooms to allow attendees a chance to personally interact with people participating in the event. The downside is that this requires more organization on the host’s part to get all of this up and running. Depending on your time, that could be overwhelming.


For events where you want audience participation to be a big factor, Airmeet has a lot of ways to help. For instance, attendees have the ability to request to speak, and the host can then make that individual’s video appear alongside the panelists of the event, simulating a closer experience to an in-person conference.

Run the World

Built In recommends Run the World for close-knit community events. That is due to features such as the ability to enable the attendees to watch videos together, add music to the session, and even take selfies together. These features might not be great for first-time interactions, but for a well-acquainted group it adds lots of personal touches.

Regardless of which platform you go with, having the right technology is pivotal! If you don’t know where to start, a Haverford Systems’ Planning a Virtual Conference checklist can help make sure everything runs smoothly.

For more about the pros and cons of each platform, read Built In’s post about it here.


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