Philly Tech Trends: Safety and Communication Technology Makes a Difference for Manufacturers

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When picturing the kind of technology that a manufacturing company would be fixated on, you probably assume it is all about speeding up their production line.

Having more products ready to sell and ship is no doubt a major priority, but it is not all about the assembly line.

One important consideration in factories is how to better facilitate communication in an environment that can frequently be extremely noisy.

And a building producing so much valuable merchandise also has increased concerns about how to protect their wares.

A post from Haverford Systems Integration addresses some of the best solutions for these scenarios.

Much of what Haverford creates is about multifunctionality, such as their paging systems. These can be tied into being able to make announcements through the entire building, playing signals to indicate emergencies, and even putting on background music for employee enjoyment all from the same system.

Video surveillance systems are also helpful and can be catered to the needs of whichever area of the building needs attention. That can include the interior where you will want to ensure none of the product gets misplaced, but it can also be for security purposes on the exterior of the building.

Different areas require different kinds of cameras, such as weather-resistant devices that will be able to withstand the outside.

Factories have also had to adapt to the pandemic, meaning many companies need to update to consider virtual participants.

This can include making conference rooms more virtual friendly through steps such as adding ceiling microphones to better pick up audio from everyone in the room and customizing audio mixing software to provide clearer output for everyone.

While the product is the main business of a factory, it is not the only consideration worth focusing on. Upgrading with systems like those mentioned can make the lives of everyone at the company easier, safer, and more efficient.

To learn more about the safety, security, and communications technology that can help you, check out the post from HSI here.


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