Philly Tech Trends: In a ‘New Normal’, How Businesses Can Provide Employee Safety

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Prior to the pandemic, company security was more directed at keeping the building safe from intruders or potential cyber threats. And while those are still important concerns now, companies are also having to figure out how to keep employees safe in a time when the world is much more conscious about their health.

On SecurityInformed is an article about how to better facilitate this using some of the same security technology already available to companies. Modern technology can now simultaneously offer protection against criminal threats as well as health threats.

One such option is to update offices to move away from entry doors utilizing keys and door handles, and instead switch to hands-free entryways.

This could be something that opens automatically after an employee scans their personalized ID card. It minimizes a worker’s exposure to a high-touch surface, and also makes it easier to identify if a person is supposed to be in the building or not.

Cybersecurity is also a very important concern in the digital age, but it can also lend towards better Covid protocols.

Many workplaces will continue to have a hybrid setup, resulting in some workers participating virtually during meetings. In addition to conference rooms needing to be spacious enough for the in-person workers, it is also imperative to have modern devices set up for better and more convenient control.

This includes equipping conference rooms with the capability to quickly access all of the tools for the virtual meeting room. This can ensure nobody winds up having access to the meeting who is not supposed to and that they can be quickly removed if someone unauthorized does somehow enter virtually.

Offices will also likely be more reliant on computers overall, which poses risks to privacy if employees are not trained to safeguard themselves. It is good if employees are limiting their exposure to others by limiting smaller conversations to a digital correspondence, but bad habits such as using the same login for all accounts create vulnerabilities.

All of the new technology in the world does not mean much if the employees are not trained to use it properly to protect themselves and their coworkers.

To learn more about what kind of changes can be made to keep returning employees safe, read SecurityInformed’s post on the subject here.


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