Avondale Woman’s Special-Education Advocacy Wins Grant from CBS Philly


Avondale resident Lisa Lightner and her company, A Day In Our Shoes, LLC, were recently named the recipient of the CBS3 Small Wins grant, reports CBS Philly.

Lightner’s company was created in 2011 and helps to educate parents, with children who require special education, on how to navigate the complex IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) process.

“Most families fit into many categories,” Lightner said. “First, services and training aren’t useful to you unless you have a disabled child. Second, many families are Black or BIPOC, as those families experience a high rate of discrimination in the IEP process and getting needed services for their child. Many families are now low-income, and I provide services free to them.”

Of all applications received, Lightner’s story caught the attention of the panel of judges.

A Day In Our Shoes was awarded a $50,000 cash grant, as well as a $25,000 advertising schedule.

The Small Wins program helps small businesses that are owned by or serve women and minorities.

Read more about A Day In Our Shoes at CBS Philly.

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