Online Slot Machine Glitch Cuts Local Woman’s $100,000 Win to … $280

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Image via All Free Chips.
This online slot machine's bug negated a Yardley player's significant win.

Lisa Pilusio, an experienced online slots player from Yardley, was thrilled to see the game she was playing display its life-changing news: She had, according to the readout, hit for $100,000. But her fortune was the victim of an unfortunate snag, as reported by Michael Tanenbaum for PhillyVoice.

Pilusio was playing Capital Gains on her phone in October 2020. As she gambled, she accumulated bonus symbols that, when layered atop a winning combination, increased the payout.

Round after round, the multipliers accumulated until a winning spin and its bonus jumped Pilusio’s prize to $100,000.

When she tried to cash out, she was told the bad news: A representative of the game’s manufacturer said that a bug in the system should never have allowed the multiplier to operate as it did.

The company did offer to reward her good luck, with a first offer of $280.

It then upped the ante to $1,000 to end the issue.

Pilusio wasn’t satisfied.

At continued loggerheads, the manufacturer’s contact asked, “What are you looking to get from this?”

“The $100,000 that I won,” she replied.

She has now filed a suit against the Capital Gains creators, seeking compensatory and other damages.

More on this story is at PhillyVoice.

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