Valley Forge Casino Addresses Danger of ‘Dumb Decision’ by Gamblers Who Leave Kids in Cars

child alone in car
Image via Creative Commons.
The Valley Forge Casino Resort is stepping up safety efforts regarding gamblers leaving children in cars while they play inside.

After 22 recorded incidents this year, Valley Forge Casino Resort is planning to step up its enforcement efforts against gamblers who leave their children unattended in cars, writes Andrew Maykuth for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The casino is planning to install first-of-its-kind infrared cameras that can detect the heat signature of a person inside a car, which will help for vehicles with tinted windows.

The casino and its parent company, Boyd Gaming of Las Vegas, have informed the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board that they would be spending $776,000 on mitigation efforts.

In addition to the cameras, the investment will cover upgraded signage to remind patrons that leaving children unattended is illegal and can lead to criminal prosecution and lifetime banishment for adults from all Pennsylvania casinos.

The posting of this information will be in:

  • The parking lots
  • The food court
  • Hotel rooms
  • Other high-trafficked areas on the property

“This problem, as we know, really sits at the feet of very irresponsible parents,” said Adrian R. King Jr., a Ballard Spahr lawyer who represents Valley Forge Casino Resort. “That being said, we realize we have a responsibility to run a safe and secure property.

“While we can never prevent human stupidity — it seems to constantly occur — we can attempt to mitigate it and make sure that dumb decisions don’t become tragic ones,” King said.

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