Philly Tech Trends: How Audiovisual Equipment Benefits the Pharmaceutical Industry

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When it comes to developments in pharmaceuticals and biology, news updates are understandably typically focused on scientific breakthroughs. After all, that is what these fields are meant to achieve advancements in.

However, the technology that helps enable these advancements is also worthy of attention for the innovation it brings.

The usage of audiovisual equipment is one example that can be a game-changer that leaves people wondering how they were ever getting by without it. A case study from Haverford Systems Integration delved into this further, explaining the benefits of their own systems.

In the case of pharmaceutical companies, they will often require work in laboratories where keeping surfaces sterile is imperative.

Workers need to reduce the risk of contaminating their work area as much as possible, so Haverford Systems incorporated digital signage to help eliminate some of the need for touching unclean objects.

This can allow for information to be displayed digitally rather than needing to go through pages. It can also be set up to utilize cameras that track whoever is speaking for virtual conversations.

Audiovisual equipment can also of course be used for more basic needs, such as displays to share messages, or even as directories that can be updated easily. The advantages of going digital often relate to the immediacy with which new information can be added.

For the project mentioned in the post, Haverford discusses how they were able to be part of integrating their technology into the building’s initial construction. However, they are of course commonly used to coming in to work on existing companies.

For creating an environment that can be more elegant and handsfree, accounting for the abilities digital technology can add is smart design.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of this equipment, read the post from HSI here.


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