Philly Tech Trends: Upgrade This to Stay Connected in a Work-From-Home World

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Developing a true hybrid workplace takes time and effort. Some might assume it is as simple as figuring out how to use Zoom and you are good to go. But that does not mean much if your office’s audio setup is lacking.

Writer Carolyn Heinze discusses this for SCN, saying how one of the biggest challenges is in not allowing conversations between virtual employees and people in the office to disrupt others working elsewhere in the building.

It used to be if two workers needed to have a lengthy conversation, they could find a more private room to talk quietly in. But when you need a computer to communicate with someone, your options for a location are more limited.

That is why some offices are integrating sound masking devices to create less disruption even in open office areas.

Basically, by generating non-distracting background noise, these devices help muffle distant sounds so they don’t carry as well. You will still be aware people are talking, but you won’t be able to pick up every word from halfway across the room.

Heinze also says the remote workers need to do their part when it comes to equipment. The built-in camera and microphone on your laptop might be fine for a quick chat with friends, but they may not have been implemented with lengthy business meetings in mind.

If you are frequently having problems being heard or are being told your picture is grainy, you might be better off using a USB accessory. There is only so much the office can do on their end if your own equipment is lackluster.

It is even thought that, in addition to companies standardizing their own office equipment, that they may eventually choose to create a list of baseline makes and models you should have for your own technology. That way businesses could be confident that everyone has reliable technology for conversations going forward.

To learn more about how to improve the sound for your work meetings, read SCN’s article about it here.


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