Career Corner: New Anything-But-Normal Rules for Job Seekers

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If you are job hunting right now you probably assumed that your work-life will have some adjustments from the pre-pandemic days after you are hired. But maybe you have not realized the application process also has changed in some ways you should be taking advantage of.

Ty West of the Philadelphia Business Journal expands on the subject, explaining the different pandemic-era strategies you might consider.

Look Beyond Job Boards

Being so much more virtual now has people getting creative with their job search. An increasing number of people are relying on social media for their hunt. Naturally, that includes the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but a few are even thinking outside the box to use platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Making Work-Life Balance a Priority

With restrictions easing many employers want everyone back to the office. A lot of employees, however, are saying no and are willing to find work elsewhere if need be. Now that we have seen employees can get just as much done from home, many workers don’t want to add the commute back to their job. If you fall into that camp, find a company that will accommodate you. And companies that don’t may find themselves struggling to fill their position.

Knowing Your Worth

There have been ample news stories about employees walking out on low-paying jobs and causing labor shortages. In many cases, employers are having no choice but to raise salaries to try and entice newcomers.

While you can’t ask the world of anyone, if you feel you are being lowballed you might have more room to negotiate now than in the past. Many employers are seeing that their staff are no longer as easy to replace as they may have assumed, so qualified candidates are more valuable.

The job hunt is still an ordeal, but jobseekers do hold some more power than in the past right now. Recognize what you bring to the table, and don’t just settle for any place that will have you.

For more information on how Pandemic has changed people’s job pursuits, read what the Philadelphia Business Journal has to say here.


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