Lanternfly Remediation Tactics Can Be as Simple (and Humane) as Catching the Li’l Buggers in a Water Bottle

lanternfly remediation
Image via YouTube.
Capturing spotted lanternflies in an empty water bottle is both easy and more humane.

Lanternfly remediation tactics don’t have to be an out-and-out war on the bugs. For those who dislike the thought of squashing or stomping on the insects, a more humane way is out there. Ben Panko explained the process for Smithsonian Magazine.

A water bottle hack that has gone viral has been tested with great success by Temple University’s Interactive Ecology lab.

Spotted lanternflies rarely use their wings and instead jump from one plant to the next. Also, when trapped or in danger, their instinct is to leap away from the threat.

This tendency to jump makes it harder to run after them to squish. But it also makes it easier to trap them in a water bottle.

All you need to do is hold an empty bottle over the pest. It will immediately try to jump away, thus launching itself into the bottle. A quick twist of the cap ensures the critter stays inside.

Once the bottle is full, you can put it into your freezer to humanely kill the pests.

Read more about this more humane spotted lanternfly remediation method in Smithsonian Magazine.

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