West Chester-Based Tech Startup Specializes in Cleaning Skeletons from Your Social Media Closet

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Image via LifeBrand.

Most people have a social media post out there that, in hindsight, they regret. Whether it’s a profanity-filled rant after a sporting event (like an Eagles loss to the Cowboys!) or a political tirade, unsuitable content plagues many.

When it impacts a person’s professional life, it may be time for some help in winding it back. Christian Hetrick, for The Philadelphia Inquirer, explains how LifeBrand, a West Chester-based startup, can help.

The company’s services can be most potentially beneficial to job candidates. As potential employers search social media content, embarrassing or regrettable comments can be fatal to a new position.

LifeBrand works to prevent this from happening by cleaning up its customers’ social media accounts.

The tech company also provides employers with an “above board” social media screenings option by obtaining job candidates’ consent.

“What we’ve built here at LifeBrand is a way to help protect individuals’ own personal brand, protect them during the hiring process, but also help protect companies,” said T.J. Colaiezzi, founder and CEO.

While the company is only a year old, it has already added professional sports teams to its client list. It also won a pitch competition run by reality television star Kevin O’Leary and managed to raise $16.2 million from investors.

Read more about LifeBrand in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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