Premium Edition of Uber Expands Region’s Luxury Ride Options

Uber Drivers stacked up at Philadelphia International Airport, waiting for passengers.
Image via Jose Moreno, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Uber has notified some of its Philadelphia drivers that it’s replacing the luxury ride option UberBlack with UberPremium. The swap provides more drivers with a chance for bigger earnings, writes Thomas Fitzgerald for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Around two percent of area Uber drivers who also serve UberX riders — the brand’s most requested service — are eligible to provide premium rides. UberPremium trips, which will debut in March 2022, will have a higher price point. The increase will potentially translate into higher pay for drivers.

“The changes will allow existing premium drivers to save hundreds of dollars on insurance while finally giving more drivers access to higher fares across the city,” said Uber spokesperson Harry Hartfield.

Regulations designate UberBlack cars and SUVs as “limousines.” As such, they are required to display commercial plates, as well as carry commercial vehicle insurance. As a result, some drivers end up paying as much as $380 a month.

Meanwhile, UberX drivers and other service options use their own vehicles, protected by their own auto insurance policies.

UberBlack and SUV cars will transition to UberPremium. Fares will remain about the same for the new service.

Read more about Uber’s new service in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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