Online and On Alert: Devon-Based Data Security Expert Warns of Increase in Cybercrimes

Samuel Sica III, partner, Mullin Coughlin, Devon
Image via Mullen Coughlin.
Samuel Sica III.

Samuel Sica III, a partner at Devon-based Mullen Coughlin, a firm devoted to data privacy and security, warns of a distinct rise in both the frequency and scope of cybercrimes. Victims include both private individuals and companies alike, writes Melissa Jacobs for Main Line Today.

The concern is not limited to small businesses that cannot afford top-of-the-line security measures. Even multinational companies with high security configurations are susceptible to attacks.

“I think there’s an objectively measured increase in incidents of cybercrime,” Sica said. “There is also a related awakening in public consciousness of large-scale compromises at companies and utilities. It’s a combination of those two.”

The pandemic and its reliance on work-at-home employees made an already bad situation worse.

“This was an unprecedented shift in the American workforce, with executives and staff shifting to remote work postures,” said Sica. “Going online from home has vastly expanded network exposure.”

The sudden adoption to a remote workforce left companies with little time or technological resources to properly secure offsite networks and devices.

“Bad actors can exploit those vulnerabilities,” said Sica.

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