FOX 29: Noise-Reduction Initiative Has West Chester on a Push to Shush


Noise violators could face a hefty fine of $1,000 in West Chester for blaring music or revving engines, reports Kelly Rule for FOX 29.

Mayor Jordan Norley and Police Chief James Morehead started the initiative in mid-April. They teamed up for a plan called “Operation Quiet Downtown.” To notify drivers of the new rules, signs posted in the borough announce a “zero tolerance for loud mufflers, stereos, motorcycles.”

Some residents, like Faye Worrell. welcome the action. She enjoys dining out but not being interrupted mid-conversation by the street din.

“It’s really disturbing, and it’s a little annoying to families,” said W. Donald Braceland, West Chester Borough Councilman. “Parking is probably our biggest issue here, but noise is probably the second big issue.”

Braceland has taken to measuring decibel levels on Gay Street with a phone app.

Some residents believe, however, that the fine of $1,000 is a little steep. Meanwhile, Chief Morehead pointed out that his office has yet to issue that maximum citation. In fact, since the introduction of the fee, law enforcement has issued only six noise-related citations, most for the minimum violation amount of $250.

For the future, enforcement may be intensified with cameras that measure noise decibels.

Read more about Operation Quiet Downtown at FOX 29.

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