Seeing the Trends, Local Bank Teller Pivots to Career as Middle School Teacher

David Bjorkgren
Jaclyn Mazuk holds daughter Alessia while with her other children at a Swarthmore park.
Image via Tom Gralish, Philadelphia Inquirer.
Jaclyn Mazuk holds her three-month-old daughter while her other children play at a park in Swarthmore.

Ridley Township resident Jaclyn Mazuk was working as a bank teller when she noticed more emphasis on digital transactions, especially once COVID-19 hit.

With job security on the line, Mazuk decided to pivot to middle school teaching, writes Jane M. Von Bergen for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“The pandemic made it scary,” said Mazuk, a 31-year-old mother of four children. “Banks are not going to go away, but I think they are going to start closing branches.”

But everyone needs to learn.

“It’s a state-mandated thing that kids go to school, but it’s not state mandated to go to the bank,” said Mazuk.

She is earning her bachelor’s degree in education with a certification in middle school teaching from West Chester University.

She opted for middle school after observing a second-grade classroom. The teacher seemed overwhelmed.

“I think I like the older guys. If they have an attitude, I can handle it, she said.

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