Tech Tips With Margaret: Concerned About Returning to the Noise of a Busy Office? “Sound Masking” Could Help

People working in a busy office

If you’ve grown used to the quiet of working at home, the thought of returning to an office with other people might make you concerned about having to readjust to trying to tune out other people’s conversations so you can get some work done.

You may be surprised to learn that the solution to this problem might actually be to create more noise by using a sound generator.

This technique is calling “sound masking” which works by placing noise generators in the ceiling of the room so that a consistent wave of sound is playing in the background.

The noise you hear sounds something akin to the low hum of a ventilation system. But this seemingly small change actually helps people tune out distracting noise by masking it enough that it does not break our focus.

Another important perk of sound masking is it also helps mask your noise, helping to provide you with privacy. You don’t want everyone in the office being privy to your every phone call. Sound masking provides just enough of a buffer layer so that you won’t have to be concerned about people overhearing the details of your conversations.

The system is also easier to use than what you might be familiar with, able to be controlled by simply using an app. And in addition to sound masking, the system can also be utilized for the purpose of providing background music, or for paging.

While working from home has introduced some new challenges, many very likely will miss knowing they have a peaceful environment to work in. For employees, sound masking is a great middle ground to still have that productive workplace. And for managers, the multipurpose use of sound masking systems is a way to keep up efficiency.

For offices looking at what kind of changes they will need to make before bringing their team back in, sound masking might be something to put near the top of that list.

Learn more about “sound masking” can help employees feel comfortable and protected as they return to the office.


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