Wall Street Journal: SEPTA in ‘Uncharted Territory’

Christine Tarlecki
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With many riders still working remotely from home, SEPTA has joined the growing number of transit agencies that are rethinking the regular monthly rail passes and coming up with new types of tickets for commuters, writes Paul Berger for The Wall Street Journal.

In October, SEPTA introduced a 72-hour ticket on its mass-transit systems, along with a three-day pass for its commuter rail.

The pass was conceived and had been floated to the public even before the pandemic – according to SEPTA’s deputy general manager, Richard Burnfield – due to a decline in five-days-a-week commuting.

In addition to working well with commuters’ needs during the pandemic, the new tickets are expected to suit post-pandemic ridership demands as well, said Burnfield.

Still, SEPTA will be looking at ridership and may add further ticket types in the future if there is a need for them.

“This is really uncharted territory for everyone in the transportation industry,” Burnfield said. “I think we are all considering what we need to do differently going forward.”

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