Director of Chester County Health Department: ‘County Eager to Vaccinate Anyone Who Wishes to Be Vaccinated’

Mark Hostutler
Image via MediaNews Group.

Chester County has rolled out a four-phased plan for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, writes Bill Rettew for the Daily Local News.

The approach, which has a March goal to ensure 80 percent of eligible individuals have access to the vaccines, was unveiled by Jeanne Casner, Director of the Chester County Health Department.

“We can all easily agree that 2020 was like no other year we have ever experienced,” said Casner, “and it is quite a milestone to be able to share information about a vaccine nearly one year after we began tracking COVID-19 in the county.”

She said that the county is well prepared and “eager to vaccinate anyone who wishes to be vaccinated, and we strongly encourage vaccination.”

The development of local plans started before the state plan was published. Subsequently, changes have been made to the countywide efforts with further guidance provided by federal experts and vaccine manufacturers.

The phases are determined by the availability of the vaccine and the priority of recipients.

“Beyond vaccine availability, the phases were established to also balance the prevention of more disease and deaths from COVID-19, and the preservation of societal functioning,” said Casner.

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