Wall Street Journal: Devon Couple Enjoys City Dining at Home, Thanks to Creative Delivery Options

Image via Kate Masino.

Devon residents Kate and Ben Masino were able to enjoy a meal from one of the city’s elite restaurants in their home, thanks to a growing number of delivery choices, writes Alina Dizik for The Wall Street Journal.

Before the pandemic, many high-end restaurants in Philadelphia were thriving, due in part to suburbanites venturing into the city for a night out. But, as the coronavirus began to spread, the stay-at-home orders that were put into place prompted restaurants to start making the reverse commute.

Now, in order to get their food on the tables of their suburban customers, restaurants are coming up with creative delivery options.

The Masinos took advantage of one such option and were able to order a champagne-braised chicken for two from Fork and pick it up at the restaurant’s partner business just five minutes from their home.

The move was a definite win, according to Kate, a healthcare executive with two children. The meal was delicious, and it was something new for them to try for their regular date night.

“We were sick of the usual suspects in our area,” she said.

Read more about food delivery from the city to the suburbs in The Wall Street Journal here.

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