Nervous Marple Residents Looking for Information About PECO’s Proposed Natural Gas Project

David Bjorkgren
An artist's rendering of the proposed PECO natural gas reliability station in Broomall. Image via CBS Philly.

PECO’s project to build a natural gas reliability station at Rt. 320 and Cedar Grove Road in Broomall continues to concern neighbors, reports Joe Holden for CBS Philly.

The station changes the transfer of the gas from West Conshohocken into smaller lines moving into Delaware County.

Marple Township neighbors like Bob D’Orazio say there’s not enough information about the project.

“We need to stop the zoning for industrial zoning because it’s not an industrial area,” he said.

So far, the proposed project has received little attention.

“Here in the midst of the pandemic, I feel like we are being taken advantage of the low-hanging fruit on PECO finding this site,” said Julie Baker.

People worry if the station is safe and say it’s close to dense neighborhoods and Russell Elementary School.

“Our biggest fear is danger. If a 16-wheeler comes down here, they’re going to have pipes up above the ground. If he hits it, it’s going to blow up,” D’Orazio said.

The official word form PECO is that it has stayed in close communication with the township and local residents.

The Marple Township Zoning Board is scheduled to consider a special exception for the PECO project this evening.

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