Fox News: West Chester Family Forms ‘Learning Pod’ to Supplement Children’s Online Education

Mark Hostutler
Image of the Austin family of West Chester via Fox News.

West Chester resident Kristin Austin recently formed a learning pod with two other local families to split the cost of a tutor to help supplement her children’s online learning, writes Katie Byrne for Fox News.

Austin, who works in higher education, has a kindergartener, a fourth-grader, and a sixth-grader. All three are enrolled in West Chester’s public schools.

“So, we have hired a personal tutor, and we, as families, are splitting the cost of that tutor and that tutor will teach all of our children between the hours of 10 and two or nine and one,” said Austin.

After sharing her post, Austin realized there were many more parents who were interested in pod learning for their children, so she created a Facebook group to help those families connect.

“I started by saying, ‘Hi, does anyone want to do some paired matching and learning for our schooling, since we’re going to be cyber in the fall?’” said Austin. “And it sort of blossomed from there. It was very unexpected.”

The group has grown to more than 1,000 members and, according to Austin, has already helped more than 100 area families form their own learning pods.

Read more about learning pods from Fox News here.

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