Aqua Pennsylvania Invests $31 Million in Upgrades to Wastewater Plant in Delco

Image via Aqua Pennsylvania.

Aqua Pennsylvania is investing $31 million in upgrades to its wastewater treatment plant in Upper Providence Township, which provides wastewater treatment to Media Borough. The project will take place in three phases over the course of four years. These upgrades will improve reliability, serviceability, and overall efficiency of the plant to handle incoming wastewater flows from the community.

The first phase of the project, which was started in June 2018 and completed in January 2020, was considered the most challenging due to the amount of activity taking place at the small work site. Multiple sections of the wastewater treatment plant were updated or replaced, including

  • a new operations building
  • secondary clarifiers, which is where waste solids are consumed by microorganisms
  • a pump station to move waste from the treatment process to a basin where it is dried before disposal
  • ultraviolet treatment
  • flow-control structures
  • an upgraded power distribution system
  • new emergency generator

Phase one upgrades benefit customers by ensuring the plant can handle incoming wastewater flows and storm water from major storm events, like tropical storm Isaias, and allow for future growth in the area. The project improves the quality of the treated water that is discharged from the plant, resulting in a positive environmental impact.

Phase two of the project is currently underway and is expected to be completed in 2021. Phase three is expected to commence in 2022.

“Our team is proud to make these upgrades to our Media Wastewater Treatment Plant and witness the resulting improvements to the surrounding community,” said Aqua Pennsylvania Director of Engineering Dave Hughes. “Once completed, this capital investment will improve the reliability, serviceability, and overall efficiency of the plant. Not only is it important that we provide Earth’s most essential resource to our customers, but it is core to our mission to also have a positive impact on the environment.”

During phase one of the project, the Aqua team was also at work on numerous pipe replacement projects throughout Delaware County. Crews replaced more than 139,000 feet – 26 miles – of pipe throughout the county, further assuring water quality, increasing service reliability, and in many cases, increasing water flow throughout the communities it serves.

This year, Aqua plans to invest nearly $60 million in infrastructure improvement projects across Delaware County. Aqua Pennsylvania has more than $200 million planned across Pennsylvania in 2020.

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