Forbes: Salons, Barbershops Looking at Many Changes to Ensure Patrons Feel Safe


Once salons and barbershops restart serving customers, most of them will implement significant safety changes to ensure their patrons feel safe while visiting their facility, writes Marc Weber Tobias for Forbes.

Among other things, these changes will include legal waivers, the spacing between customers, a reduced number of people allowed in at the same time, and more sanitary materials.

Further adjustments will also be implemented to promote the health, security, and safety of both staff and customers.

Waivers of legal liability for staff may regulate issues like ensuring that people who have been sick and coughing are not coming into work, taking the daily temperature of the entire staff, and insisting that every team member wears a mask and gloves at all times.

All these changes prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic will profoundly change the salon and barbershop experience and will likely set the minimum standards going forward.

And while they are necessary, they will also come with a significant economic cost, in terms of increasing the expenses required to implement any operational changes, as well as other charges to better safeguard their clientele.

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