Malvern’s Galera Therapeutics Developing Solutions to Improve Treatment, Outcomes for Cancer Patients

Image of Mel Sorensen via Galera Therapeutics.

Malvern-based Galera Therapeutics is developing solutions that are reducing the negative side effects of radiation therapy and helping to improve treatment and outcomes for cancer patients, writes Queen Muse for Philadelphia magazine.

Galera was started 11 years ago by Robert Beardsley, the company’s current COO and first CEO, and Dennis Riley, Galera’s longtime Chief Scientific Officer who developed its portfolio of small molecule therapies.

Three years after the company was founded, Mel Sorensen joined as its CEO. Since then, he has focused on raising the funding to finance the company’s advanced clinical trials.

Galera’s small molecule compounds help break down harmful oxygen molecules caused by radiation into cells. They also reduce the side effects of radiation therapy, such as severe oral mucositis, which is one of the most common complications in cancer patients.

“We know, from our science, that our compound has a selective effect, protecting normal tissue while maintaining excellent anti-cancer effect and reducing a lot of the side effects,” said Sorenson.

Read more about Galera Therapeutics in Philadelphia magazine here.

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