Former Politician from Elverson Aims to Eliminate Property Taxes, Says ‘It’s a Moral Issue’

Image of Sam Rohrer via Wikipedia.

Sam Rohrer, the president of Elverson-based American Pastors Network and a former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, is a staunch advocate of property tax reform, writes Stephen Caruso for the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.

During his 18-year political career, Rohrer tried to bring the elimination of property taxes up for a vote several times. He negotiated with a number of Capitol power players, all to no avail.

He even tried to run for the GOP nod for governor in 2010 on a Tea Party platform that included property tax elimination, but he failed to secure the nomination.

His argument against property taxes is simple.

“I believe it is, primarily, not a political issue. It is a moral issue,” said Rohrer. “And it is a moral issue and constitutional issue because people’s property are an extension of themselves.”

He believes that the tax represents a heavy and unfair burden on residents, especially those on a fixed income.

As far as a solution to the problem is concerned, he opposes progressive taxation and sees only one option.

“I’m going to fight for elimination,” he said.

Read more in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star here.

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