Five-Year-Old from West Chester Sells Lemonade to Fund Improvements to Local Playground

Image via Friends of Marshall Square Park.

Five-year-old Adelaide Fieldhouse set up a lemonade stand at Marshall Square Park in West Chester to raise money for a toddler section at the local playground, writes Ellie Silverman for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

With the help of her parents and younger sister, Adelaide set up at the northwest corner of the park on Sunday. The family was hoping to beat the previous month’s earnings of almost $40.

Soon, people started to arrive. Many saw the notice on the “Friends of Marshall Square Park” Facebook group, inviting them to the park around noon for Adelaide’s Lemonade Stand.

After an initial rush of customers, Adelaide and her sister got frustrated at the lack of passersby and ran off to the playground. This allowed their father to provide an early business lesson.

“This is what actually having a business is sometimes,” he said. “Restaurants, they’re open all day, but then they get really busy when everyone is hungry.”

By the end of an hour and a half, the stand made $139.50, more than triple the amount from last time.

Read more about Adelaide’s Lemonade Stand in The Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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