Homeless Man Finds Hope – and a Friend – at YMCA in West Chester


Andre Szekely often sat alone in the lobby of the YMCA in West Chester, until one day a woman stopped by to say hello and started what would become a great friendship, writes Megan Yoder for WCNC-TV.

Jennifer Ozgur passed by Szekely working on his computer many times before she decided to ask him what he was so engrossed with each day. He tilted his computer to show her his life’s work: hundreds of photographs he took across the world.

“I started looking, and I was like, ‘Wow, he’s super talented,’” recalled Ozgur.

The two developed a friendship, and soon, Szekely felt comfortable telling Ozgur that he was homeless. He feared his new friend might treat him differently, but that never happened.

“She always talked to me very kindly, very friendly,” said Szekely, who admitted not many people talked to him that way after learning about his situation.

Ozgur continued to support the self-taught photographer, bringing him along to family outings and dinners, giving him new hope for the future.

“Jennifer gives me that hope to see the future to see, yes, it’s possible to achieve my dreams,” he said.

Read more about the unexpected friendship at WCNC-TV here.

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