Tori’s Time: What Is Your Relationship with Money?


By Tori Goodrich

Take a moment and think about that.  How do you feel about “money”?  What is the first emotion that comes up?  Is it a healthy or unhealthy relationship?

Most people have an unhealthy relationship with money. And sometimes it’s not their fault. Some of you have been taught to think about money in a certain way since you were a child. And as a result, instead of inheriting money, you inherited your unhealthy relationship with it.

It’s also one of those “if only” beliefs.  If only I had more money I would be happy, or if only I had more money I would be able to live without stress, or my partner and I wouldn’t argue if we had more money.

If you have an unhealthy relationship with money, you will never create the abundance you wish you had. In order to change your financial world, you need to change your feelings and paradigm about money. You need to change the way you think, feel and act about money.

Below are a few steps to help you look at or change your relationship with money.

  • Do you have a budget and you are aware of where you are spending your money? Especially the incidentals that add up?
  • Do you recognize the difference between want and need?
  • Are you taking responsibility for your financial wellbeing? Make time to honor and know where you are with your current funds or debt and where you would like to be.
  • Create a plan and stick to it.

You may need to pull your head out of the sand and recognize your relationship with money as being just as important as your other relationships. Financial awareness leads to financial abundance.


Tori Goodrich is a life, business and professional coach. She is also the co-owner of Gener8tional Connections helping companies work through the great divide. Contact Tori by telephone at 610.613.2127, on the web at, or via email at


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