To Inspire Leadership, Local Consultant Uses … Bourbon


Philadelphia consultant Michael Kutner has founded Distilled Leadership, which offers seminars on leadership using bourbon as an example, writes Diane Mastrulli for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Kutner, who previously worked for major corporations such as General Electric and Johnson & Johnson, recently held a seminar in Center City. He launched Distilled Leadership in March as a way to show executives how businesses can evolve through strong leadership.

The inspiration came from the bourbon industry, which struggled under the restrictive whiskey regulations that were in effect during the Prohibition years of the 1920s. His talks center around how the producers found innovative ways to overcome them.

“I think anybody who runs a business or has a business would totally be jealous of the trajectory of what has happened in the bourbon industry,” said Kutner.

The course helps fill a gap in today’s corporate thinking by putting participants in challenging scenarios and encouraging them to think outside the box.

Read more about Distilled Leadership in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.


Top photo credit: RachidH DSC_0164 via photopin (license)


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