County of Chester Briefly: October 1


Community Planning Month

The Chester County Commissioners presented a proclamation for National Community Planning Month, recognizing the efforts of local, county, and regional planners who manage the growth and change of Chester County, providing better choices for how residents work and live.

During the presentation of the proclamation, the Commissioners highlighted Landscapes3, the county’s next long-range comprehensive plan, as an example of community planning.

Landscapes3 seeks to continue the balance of preservation with growth and recommits to core principles that will position the county and its municipalities for success, including resource preservation, revitalized urban and suburban centers, housing diversity, transportation choices, collaboration, and resiliency.

“Landscapes3 will renew our commitment to balancing growth and preservation while embracing the unique characteristics of our county,” said Michelle Kichline, Chair of the Commissioners, adding that the plan builds upon the original award-winning Landscapes plan that was adopted more than 20 years ago.

Click here for more information about Landscapes3.

Sheriff’s Office

Chester County Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh said she was pleased and honored to be included in the Softie Cops 2019 calendar, an initiative of the National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse (NLECAA) and the National Coalition on Violence Against Animals (NCOVAA).

Welsh, a lifelong animal advocate, serves as national co-chair of NCOVAA. She is also on the advisory board of NLECAA. The shared mission of both organizations is to provide resources aimed at preventing animal cruelty.

The agencies hope that the pairing of some of the nation’s top law enforcers with animals in need will encourage others to go above and beyond to protect animals. Welsh said the dogs and cats used in the calendar were all rescues, many of whom were adopted as a result of the promotion.

Click here for more information on the calendars.

La Comunidad Hispana

The Commissioners proclaimed Hispanic Heritage Month in Chester County and recognized the work of La Comunidad Hispana, presenting a check for $25,000 to LeeAnn Riloff, Development Director for the nonprofit.

The funds granted to La Comunidad are part of the county’s annual appropriations to organizations and nonprofits and will be used by La Comunidad to expand dental services provided to the increasing number of residents that the nonprofit serves.

The Commissioners also announced the addition of Spanish translation to key webpages on the county’s website.

“It is fitting that we begin to offer the Spanish translation service on our website during Hispanic Heritage Month, and it is our intention to expand the number of pages translated over the coming year,” said Commissioner Terence Farrell.

WalkWorks ChesCo!

In an effort to promote the health benefits of walking, highlight downtown walking routes, and determine which community takes the greatest number of steps, residents in Coatesville and Phoenixville are lacing up their shoes for the second annual Ville to Ville Challenge.

The six-week challenge, which runs until Nov. 3, is part of the WalkWorks ChesCo! program, a county-wide initiative with a goal for all residents to collectively take five billion steps by the end of the year.

“Currently, WalkWorks ChesCo! has tallied more than 3.2 billion steps, but with competitions like the Ville to Ville Challenge, we are finding creative ways to get walking, which in turn makes us healthier,” said Chester County Health Director Jeanne Casner.

Click here to register.

Decade to Doorways

Decade to Doorways, the county’s plan to prevent and end homelessness, is hosting an appreciation dinner at the Mendenhall Inn for all of the nonprofits in Chester County that are diligently working to assist those experiencing homelessness.

Representation from approximately 40 different nonprofits and agencies assisting the most vulnerable in the county will be present for an evening of celebration and thanks for their hard work and diligence.

The event’s keynote speaker is Julia Orlando from Bergen County, N.J. Orlando will speak about Bergen County’s victory in becoming the first county in the nation to declare an end to chronic homelessness, a goal that Chester County strives to achieve.

Click here for more information on the appreciation dinner.

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