CEO of Devon-Based Surrey Brings Business Approach to His Nonprofit Work


Bob Madonna, the CEO of Devon-based Surrey Services for Seniors, brings a business approach to his nonprofit work, writes Karen Martin for Giving Tomorrow.

Before retiring from the business world, Madonna built his decades-long career from the “bottom rung” at Bell Atlantic to the CEO of his own company.

During that time, he also helped start Golden Cradle Adoption, one of the most successful adoption agencies in the U.S. This led to him joining Surrey in January 2016.

However, his new job required some adjusting.

“The only thing I knew about aging is that I was getting old!” he said.

But he soon turned into an advocate for older people, especially those at risk of leading isolated lives.

“Every other group of people is so strong in their advocacy, screaming for their rights,” said Madonna. “Nobody screams for the elderly.”

As Surrey’s CEO, Madonna applies a business approach. He believes that if charities want to solve the most pressing problems in the world, they need room to dream big, spend money, and take risks.

Read more about Bob Madonna’s approach in Giving Tomorrow here.

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