Teachers at Avon Grove Intermediate School Beautify Bathrooms with Positive Messages

Images via CBS.

Teachers at the Avon Grove Intermediate School are beautifying the school’s bathrooms by painting positive messages on the walls, according to a report from CBS.

According to the school, the goal is to “focus more deeply on the positive impacts of social-emotional learning.”

A group of teachers called “SEL soldiers” are giving their time over the summer to paint positive messages not only in bathrooms but all across the school. The messages include calls to “believe in yourself,” “be strong; you never know who you are inspiring,” “do what is right, not what is easy,” and many more.

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“This has been an incredibly powerful effort that we believe people need to know about beyond our community!” said Jeff Detweiler, the school’s principal.

He said that it is through these strong relationships that students engage in the school’s core value of growing academically, socially, and emotionally.

“We truly believe that exceptional learning environments begin by building strong interpersonal relationships with everyone who is impacted among our school community,” Detweiler said.

Read more about the Avon Grove Intermediate School from CBS here.

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