Mayor of Western Pennsylvania Borough, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Drops 148 Pounds

Images of John Fetterman, in 2013 before he lost 148 pounds and in 2018 after he lost the weight, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

John Fetterman – a tall man at 6-foot-9 and the Mayor of Braddock, a borough in the Pittsburgh suburbs – was not happy with his weight, writes Ben Schmitt for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The native of York weighed 418 pounds and his waist size was 56 inches.

“I was fat,” Fetterman said. “It’s embarrassing to talk about.”

Fetterman, however, decided to make some changes. Soon, people started noticing a slimmer Fetterman as he traveled across Pennsylvania on the campaign trail for lieutenant governor.

In May, he won the Democratic Primary.

How did he lose the weight? Dedication. And a new mindset.

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Fetterman changed the way he ate, cutting out grains and sugar. He started walking more and dropped about 10-12 pounds a month. Today, he is down to 270 pounds, a loss of 148 pounds.

“I wasn’t living my best life with my weight gain, and I made a decision to change,” Fetterman said.

He used a simple philosophy. He never referred to his revamped eating routine as a diet.

“If you create a way of eating for yourself that fosters weight loss, it won’t feel like a chore or a diet,” he said. “It recedes into your life, and you don’t think about it constantly.”

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