Sustainability Initiatives, Business Results Align for Coatesville’s ArcelorMittal

Image via ArcelorMittal.

ArcelorMittal – which has several facilities throughout the country, including the steel plate production plant that has shaped Coatesville’s identity for centuries – has published its 2017 United States Integrated Report, Powered by Resilience.

Since 2009, ArcelorMittal has reported on its corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives in the U.S. This third publication of an integrated report continues the company’s dedication to transparency and links its 10 sustainable development outcomes to its business outcomes and financial drivers.

“I am proud of the work our teams have accomplished to emphasize sustainability in all we do,” said John Brett, CEO of ArcelorMittal. “We have never backed down from our commitment to becoming the most sustainable steel company in the world.

“This document, and the strategy it details, directly connect the work of our 10 sustainable development outcomes with our operations’ goals and business strategy. We know financial sustainability and corporate responsibility go hand in hand. Maintaining our commitments to our stakeholders is not an option; it’s a requirement.”

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Highlights of the report include:

  • contributing $10.6 billion in total economic impact including more than $2.1 billion in employee wages and benefits
  • implementig 36 energy projects with enough energy savings to power 12,400 homes for a year
  • contributing $8.3 million in total community investment, including cash grants, employee donations, and company matching gifts (half of which was in support of education)
  • donating more than 3,550 hours of time by employees to local nonprofit partners through ArcelorMittal-sponsored volunteer projects

“Together, we have constructed a strong sustainability road map and crafted an attitude of resilience for ArcelorMittal in the United States,” said William C. Steers, president of the ArcelorMittal USA Foundation. “Resilience means facing challenges head on, tackling issues quickly, and doing everything we can to rise to the occasion at every opportunity.

“It means continuing our work as a sustainable steel company even when that work isn’t easy – for our business, our customers, and our communities.”

Click here to review ArcelorMittal’s 2017 United States Integrated Report, Powered by Resilience.

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